NCS Auto & Detail

NCS Auto & Detail has offered professional automotive services for all your automotive needs throughout Central Minnesota since 2008. From our wide selection of gently used cars, trucks, and RV’s, to our superior detailing and cleaning services for cars, trucks, boats, campers, and semis, at NCS Auto & Detail you can expect professional services and high-quality results every time.

Our Services

Since 2008, NCS Auto & Detail has been a popular choice for those looking to purchase a used car, truck, or RV. We are a professional, licensed, MN Automotive Dealer and Auctioneer with a wide variety of gently used vehicles from which to choose and a newly expanded car lot to showcase our ever-growing automobile selection!

At NCS Auto & Detail, we do more than just clean up your vehicle. We offer specialized steam cleaning and professional buffing services that produce the showroom-quality results you desire. To obtain exceptional outcomes we remove scratches and blemishes in the exterior paint job, and use only the highest quality wax to help restore your vehicle’s finish to its original shine. We also offer:

  • Touch-up Painting Services
  • Interior Scotch Guard 
  • Interior Plastic Sealers
  • Aluminum Wheel Polishing (Semis)
  • Professional Paintless Dent Repair

NCS Auto & Detail offers professional detailing services for your auto, truck, boat, camper, or semi.

Not Just Cosmetic

Detailing your vehicle has more benefits than just having a clean car, as it can also improve the safety, reliability, and value of your vehicle. Part of detailing involves making sure your headlights are clean for maximum visibility, and the wheels and brakes not only look good, but are free of the oils, brake dust, chemicals, and salt from the road that may cause corrosion and ultimately lessen the effectiveness of the brakes. Detailing can also extend the life of your car’s paint job, thus helping you maintain the maximum value of your car for a longer period of time. Contact us at NCS Auto & Detail, and let us restore your car, truck, or camper to picture-perfect condition today!